Winemaking FAQ

How many cases in a barrel?
Each barrel produces roughly 24 cases of wine (case =12 bottles)
How long does it take?
From the time the grapes are picked until the wine is bottled is generally one to two years depending on varietal. Timing by varietal is roughly: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay 10 –14 months, Syrah and Zinfandel 12-16 months and Cabernet closer to two years.
Can we foot stomp the grapes like Lucy?
Yes. Believe it or not foot stomping the must in the early stages of fermentation is still common and practiced by many boutique wineries and wine makers.
What else can we be involved with?
You will be able to participate in as much of the process as your schedule allows. The main points of contact (but not only) are: wine style plan; sorting/processing the grapes; cap management (punch downs); nutrient and yeast additions; pressing; barrel tasting evaluations; blending; bottling.
Can this be done as a group?
Yes. The wine and the experience of planning and making it are best shared with friends.
What if we've never made wine before?
No problem. Whether you've made wine before or not, making a barrel with us will be an educational and fun experience. We'll lead you through all of the decisions that will allow you to produce the style of wine you are looking to create.
Is the label included?
Yes. The quoted barrel prices are all inclusive from grape to finished bottled product, including basic packaging (bottle, cork and capsule), as well as your own unique label.
Can a group have multiple labels for one barrel?
Yes. One label is included in the quoted price per barrel; additional labels are $500 each.
How do we know if the wine we make will be good?
We start by contracting grapes from vineyards that supply distinguished wineries with fruit. In the winery we work with the best equipment available in a clean work environment, and put our collective 50+ years of winemaking experience to work.
What would a bottle from these vineyards cost in a wine shop?
The equivalent retail value for commercially produced wines from our vineyard portfolio range from 40%-140% more than the price per bottle comes to i.e. price per barrel/300 bottles = price per bottle.
Are the grapes first pick or "leftovers"?
We contract directly with each of the vineyards we source grapes from and have designated blocks or rows specified in our contracts. We work with the growers, provide input on how the vines are managed throughout the year, and call the pick date.