Make Wine

Private Barrel Program

Our Private Barrel Program is a fun, educational and fulfilling experience that allows you to make custom wine by the barrel (24 Cases or 288 Bottles).  The beauty of the program is that you can be as involved as you like.  We encourage you to participate in each part of the winemaking process and we help guide you along the way.  However, if you prefer a more hands-off approach we will still consult you so the wine tailored to suit your stylistic preferences.

We have a network of growers and vineyard managers that we collaborate with to help us source fruit each year. Please contact us directly to discuss options for specific vineyards and varietals.

 As harvest approaches fruit becomes increasingly scarce and more expensive.  For the best pricing and selection we recommend commitment by late Spring or early Summer.  With that said we can usually source your desired varietal up until harvest. 

Private Barrel wines are intended for personal use and are not permitted for resale.


 Pricing varies significantly depending on the varietal desired, the region from which it is sourced, and the amount of time it takes to make the wine.  Per barrel pricing ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. To inquire about specific varietals or vineyards please contact us at info@dogpatchwineworks.com.

Payment is broken up into thirds with the first payment due upon contract, the second due August 1st and the final payment due by December 1st.  Sales tax applies for California residents. 

The pricing we quote you includes the following:




-Processing (Sorting, Destemming, Pressing)

-Fermentation and Vessel


-Cellar time




-Lab Analysis


-Labels (2 hours consultation with Graphic Designer) - One label is included in the quoted price per barrel; Additional labels are $500 each.


-Case Packaging


The timeline depends on the varietal you wish to produce as some wines take longer to make than others.  For example, a Sauvignon Blanc is usually ready by late Spring or early Summer, Chardonnay usually takes around a year, Zinfandel about a year and a half and Cabernet about two years. 


Private Label

 Want a quick turnaround on a custom labeled wine for your corporate event or wedding?  Just can’t wait to get your hands on the wine?   We have wine in barrel waiting to be bottled and wine in bottle just waiting for your label.  We’ll assist you with designing the perfect label to suit your needs. 

Cost is dependent on the wine you wish to bottle or label.  The minimum for a custom bottling is ¼ barrel.  For inquiries regarding custom labeling smaller amounts of wine please email us at info@dogpatchwineworks.com.  

Private label wines are intended for personal use and are not permitted for resale.


Custom Crush

 Custom crush includes the rental of space and use of equipment for winemaking.  The minimum is 1 ton of fruit or about 2 barrels of wine.  This service is usually reserved for commercial clients who are licensed to sell their wines. 

Clients are responsible for their own winemaking, barrels, glassware, and labels.  However, labor and consulting winemaking services can be negotiated as part of the contract.  Pricing available upon request by emailing info@dogpatchwineworks.com.